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FEMA money begins trickling in for flood victims

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March 2016 flooding on North Shore (FOX 8 Photo/FILE) March 2016 flooding on North Shore (FOX 8 Photo/FILE)

On the North Shore, where 718 homes have now been counted as flooded, dozens of homeowners went to a new FEMA relief center Monday for help.

With piles of debris lining the streets and many unable to live in their homes, flood victims worry that relief can't come soon enough. The Ferrara's home near Folsom was flooded badly 10 days ago, and though they have insurance, it’s not enough.

"We know the contents were under-insured, and we've been told by the adjustor that was the agent's fault," said Joel Ferrara.

Summer Griffin, a mother of four, is also seeking help after her home was flooded in Pearl River.

"They're not really going as fast as we  need it, and we all need it very bad," she said.

"Just let me know what's happening, that's all,” Ferrara said. “The process is slow - we understand that."

Despite complaints, FEMA said it's all part of their process, and applications must be thoroughly checked. FEMA can help homeowners with rent and home repairs if they are uninsured or under-insured.

"They will need a Social Security number and proof of ownership - like a utility bill - and flood insurance, and bank routing information so if you want a check right into your account, it can be done that way,” a FEMA representative said.

FEMA said the entire process takes 21 days from the time victims register, in most cases.

"The inspector comes, and seven days after that, the letter with either a check or information, comes to you," the representative said.

Janet  Ferrara wants their letter to come quick, so as not to be a burden on the sister they're staying with.

"She's the type who would say if you have to stay here forever you're welcome, and I don't want to have to do that,” she said.

So far FEMA said 18,000 Louisiana residents have signed up for assistance and they have been approved for $4 million in damages.

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