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Recent weather affects crawfish season ahead of Good Friday

Vendors prepare for Holy Week rush. (FOX 8 Photo) Vendors prepare for Holy Week rush. (FOX 8 Photo)
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It's the hottest commodity this Holy Week: Crawfish. But with yo-yo temperatures and recent heavy rains, some worry about how much the mudbugs will cost and just how many there are to go around.

The anticipation is building for one of the biggest crawfish eating days of the year - Good Friday.

“You can pinch the tails and eat them with all the potatoes, the corn, everything,” said 8-year-old Adoria Garcia. 

At Today's Ketch in Chalmette, hundreds of pounds of live crawfish arrived to be sorted, cleaned and prepared to sell.

“This is the Super Bowl of crawfish this week," said owner Jeff Pohlmann. "The phones - and I’m being honest with you - haven’t stopped, and the orders are coming in like crazy. Crawfish this morning went up 25 cents, so we actually had to raise our prices a quarter.”

At Today’s Ketch, live mud bugs are going for $2.55 a pound, per sack. Boiled are selling for $3.75 per pound. Pohlmann said the prices are fair compared to other years.

Talking to crawfish lovers around New Orleans, the amount people are paying, especially for boiled ones, runs the gamut.

“We went to Big Fisherman's on Magazine and it was $2.99. They actually have a Monday special,” Helen Killion said.

“I bought some crawfish, I think last weekend, and it was like $4.99 a pound, so that was high. And I was in Lake Charles and it was like $3.49," said Acquanetta Gardette. 

Pohlmann said he and other vendors need more of the mudbugs to sell. Recent up and down temperatures affects their ability to grow, but he's hoping rain in the forecast this week will help.

“Maybe the rain will spark them and give them a little, as I like to call, music to the crawfish's ears, and they'll start dancing for us and get in those traps,” Pohlmann said.

There will certainly be plenty of eager customers, like Dywanda Hampton.

“We're ordering crawfish for Easter Sunday," she said. One hundred pounds for our family gathering.”

All of them ready to celebrate with this southern delicacy.

Pohlmann's number one piece of advice? Get your orders in early this week. Many places are now asking for a deposit for each sack ordered because of the demand.

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