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'Dukes of Hazzard' actor among those recovering from historic flood

John Schneider talks about flood damage at his film studio. (FOX 8 Photo) John Schneider talks about flood damage at his film studio. (FOX 8 Photo)

John Schneider was miles away as his Livingston Parish film studio was submerged under feet of water from the flooding Tickfaw River earlier this month.

“It was awful, it was the worst weekend of my life, being in Tampa, Florida, signing autographs, which I normally love to do, getting updates every five to ten minutes from here and I was helpless to do anything about it,” said Schneider.

Schneider, known for his iconic role as Bo Duke on the “The Dukes of Hazzard” in the 70’s and 80’s, created John Schneider Studios in Holden as an all-inclusive haven for independent film-makers.

The site includes sound stages, multiple practical locations, and post production services, but all of that was in jeopardy as the Tickfaw River swelled during the historic flooding event.

“It somehow did not get in the house, but I guess I have a picture of the front door, if the water had risen two more inches the river would've come into the house,” Schneider said.

But every other building on the 58-acre rural studio site took on some water, including a barn where Schneider had audio equipment set up for impromptu concerts.

“The water was over this table, this is the silt from the water coming in, so the water was this high, came over the stages, ha! This where we did the Shakespeare Festival, we had theater in the round here and we'll do it again, it's not a matter of … we're not beat, we're just kind of poked in the eye a little,” Schneider joked.

As volunteers work to clear out flooded props, Schneider is still juggling five other movie projects, all filmed on site, but he won’t let what may seem like junk find its way to the trash heap.

“There was wood and there were some broken furniture and things, but you think about that, you do the story about the flood devastation, you're gonna need stuff that looks like the flood went through it and I have that stuff!” Schneider exclaimed.

Schneider won’t let the flood issues push back his self-imposed deadlines. He’s preparing to release his latest feature, “Smothered,” later this year. If you’d like to support the studio and the recovery effort you can donate to the GoFundMe Campaign set up by Schneider’s supporters.

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