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Bicyclist hit and killed; driver takes off

Monique Massey, 29 (Family Photo) Monique Massey, 29 (Family Photo)

A tragic hit and run along a busy stretch of Leon C. Simon killed a 29-year-old bicyclist Wednesday.

“This is disgusting. This is disrespectful to anybody, to leave them on the side of the road and continue on,” NOPD Commander Anthony Micheu said.

Monique Massey and her cousin took a bike ride Wednesday evening. Around 7:30 p.m., Massey’s grandmother, Carlee Simon, received a call that something terrible had happened.

“We were very distraught trying to find them because my other granddaughter, who was with her, was hysterical and we couldn’t understand what was going on,” Simon said.

Police said Massey and her cousin were riding in the right-hand lane when the driver of a black SUV struck Massey’s back tire.

“She was flipped from her back side wheel up on top of the hood, crushed the front end of the passenger side, smashing the window, knocking the windshield wiper off, according to the damage,” Micheu said.

A witness told investigators that the driver appeared to hit their brakes for a moment before taking off.

Massey was rushed to the hospital but later died. She graduated from a medical school in Texas, and worked at Children’s Hospital and Ochsner as a respiratory therapist. Her family said she also loved children.

“They had Camp Hope for the cancer children, and she volunteered every year. They loved her so much that she went back every year,” Simon said.

Her family is in disbelief.

“She didn’t deserve that. It was almost like worse than hitting a dog and then they just kept going,” Simon said.

“We need any help we can get on identifying this car or driver of this vehicle. We need anything we can get,” Micheu said.

Police say the vehicle should have received heavy damage and will need repairs. Investigators are checking red light cameras and searching for additional evidence.

Massey’s family is hoping the driver will turn themselves in.

“We hope that they have a conscience, and turn themselves in. We are good Catholics, and we will forgive you, but we just want them to know that they took a big thing from our lives when they killed Monique,” Simon said.

Police are looking for a black Jeep with damage to the hood and bumper. If you know anything that could help police solve this case, call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

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