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Good Friday turns great as church gives away free gas

Gas giveaway in Slidell (FOX 8 Photo) Gas giveaway in Slidell (FOX 8 Photo)

It was the message of grace given through service one tank at a time.     

For the sixth Good Friday in a row, Living the Word International pastors Lawrence and Chiquita Weathersby gathered their congregation at a random gas station in Slidell. Volunteers spread the good word and bought $25 worth of gas for the first 200 drivers at the Texaco station on Robert Blvd.

"We're just giving back. As He gave to us, we are just giving back to the community," Chiquita Weathersby said. 

The church spent thousands of dollars during their giveaway. 

"We normally do the whole thing in an hour and 35 minutes," Lawrence Weathersby said. 

During the event every year, the congregation raises money for one special driver particularly in need. The outpouring of generosity brought one woman to tears. Her car's water pump broke while she waited in line. Her gas gauge on empty when she drove up to the station, but she left with a lap full of money and a renewed sense of faith in others. 

"They some how have a way of figuring out who needs that blessing and they do a great job of picking the right person," gas station owner Quinn Cassidy said. "They usually end up bawling and crying because they really needed it, and it usually comes at the right time." 

But the service did not stop at the pump. Once the gas money ran out, the Weathersby's spread even more good will to victims of the recent floods in Slidell. 

"Right around 20 families we were able to bless with gift cards," Lawrence said. 

"This is wonderful but this is not why we do this. We do not to get the cameras to come out. We do it because that's what the Bible tells us to do," Chiquita said.  

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