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French Quarter worker attacked while walking home from work

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A French Quarter service industry employee is attacked, robbed and beaten while walking to her car. Now, the victim is speaking out and questions why the NOPD is only calling the crime an armed robbery.

The victim, who we're choosing not to identify, was walking to her car on Mar 17 around 11:00 p.m. , after leaving work in the French Quarter when she says a man came up from behind, to rob her.

“I made up my mind I was going to die in that parking lot before I was going to get in that vehicle with him,” the 38-year-old woman said.

She continues, “He had a knife in his hand, he punched me in the jaw, he grabbed my hair and pulled me onto the ground.”

The man took the victim's cell phone, wallet and 2005 Toyota Sequoia. The attack happened in the parking lot behind the Mahalia Jackson Theater, an area frequented by people in the service industry.

“A lot of times I do work 3 to 11 so that is hitting close to home with me. Wow, that’s crazy,” French Quarter employee Amanda Winchester said.

When the NOPD alerted the media to the attack, via email, it was classified as an armed robbery. But the victim feels people who use this lot, should know this incident was much more serious.

The victim explains, “He told me several times, that I was going with him, like with the knife and with my hair in his hands, literally pulling me.”

Some say they've been concerned about the lot for a while.

“They need some lights. The back way, when you come the back, you've gotta stay focused,” Ralph Thomas said.

Eric Clarke adds, “I don’t trust my car being here. I don’t have a better spot.”

Yet they admit they've never heard of someone being attacked so violently here before. The victim was left with bruises and a swollen face.

She says, “I feel like I was lucky to get away from him.”

The woman also says she felt compelled to tell her story, to warn others, that a dangerous man is preying on that area.

“I just don’t want anyone else to not have as favorable as an outcome,” the victim said.

FOX 8 received a statement from the NOPD Sunday night, which says right now, the department doesn't believe elements are there to warrant additional charges. However, the investigation is ongoing and that is subject to change.

The victim says the man who attacked her was pretty well covered up but she believes he's a black man, about 5'9 with a thin build.

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