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Franklinton residents face smelly problem after floods

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Some Franklinton residents are asking for help in dealing with a smelly problem. They say recent rains made a bad situation worse when it comes to sewage backing up into their bathrooms and yards. 

It is not the way Kendric Stewart likes to wake up.

“When  I flush it, it has to be plunged out every time,” Stewart said. “As you see, it won’t flush.”

“Whenever it’s a bad rain we have the issue with the toilets not flushing,” said resident Doris Andrews.

Not only does plumbing not work, but Stewart’s living room smells like sewage after recent heavy rains.

“When it gets hot, it’s worse. It’s like a sulfur smell. When it gets hot it overwhelms you,” said Stewart.

Stewart takes care of his elderly father at home. Larry Stewart is battling stage four cancer.

“It gets pretty rough,” said Larry Stewart.

Three blocks away, what appears to be sewage, complete with tissue, is flowing out of a pipe on 15th Avenue in Franklinton.

“Can you imagine living with this and smelling it every day?” said Andrews.

Parents keep their children as far away as possible from the mess.

“It’s hard keeping my kids out of the yard and away from it,” said mom Patsy Williams.

Residents said the problem is more common in certain neighborhoods.

“The sewer pipes are too small – 2 or 3-inch pipes,” said Stewart.

Franklinton Mayor Wayne Fleming acknowledges they have a problem, and he says they’ve applied for $5.7 million in funding to build a new sewer lift station.

“At one point, we were going to Winn Dixie to use the restroom because we couldn’t flush the toilet,” said Williams.

Stewart is working on a doctoral thesis in environmental health, focusing on a  problem he’s lived with his whole life and it’s possible health impacts.  He is now appealing to the EPA and state health officials for help.

“There has to be an EPA violation or toxicity level going into our water system,” said Stewart.

Residents hope for relief soon. 

Franklinton’s mayor says while it’s a big problem, they are identifying money to repair some of the older pipes, and he’s confident they will get the funding to purchase a new lift station.

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