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DNA ties suspect to CD theft

David Michael Wells, auto burglary suspect (Source: NOPD) David Michael Wells, auto burglary suspect (Source: NOPD)

Investigators used DNA to match a suspect to the theft of a CD from a car on Terpsichore Street. 

Police are looking for help finding David Michael Wells. 

He's wanted in connection with an auto burglary in the 1600 block of Terpsichore St. on Nov. 28, 2015. 

The victim told police someone broke into her parked and locked vehicle, bent the gear shift lever and rummaged through the contents. But, the only thing that was missing was a compact disc. 

Officers say the front passenger window had been shattered and found glass on the ground near the door and inside the car. 

Police say they used evidence from the scene to match DNA to Wells.

They say Wells is described as homeless and is often seen in the uptown area. 

He's wanted on a charge of simple burglary of an automobile, but police are investigating whether he may be tied to other incidents in the area. 

Police ask anyone with information about where David Michael Wells can be found to contact the Sixth District Property Crimes Unit at 504-658-6060. 

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