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Slidell man accused of possessing human remains booked with domestic abuse

Police line Woodcrest Drive in Slidell during raid of home Police line Woodcrest Drive in Slidell during raid of home
Joshua Roques, 31 (Slidell PD) Joshua Roques, 31 (Slidell PD)

Police said the man accused of possessing human remains and animal bones in a ritualistic-type altar at his home was arrested for domestic abuse last week.

Joshua Roques, 31, was out on bond when police arrived at his Woodcrest home Tuesday afternoon and found human skulls, human bones, animal bones and dried blood in a large cast iron bowl surrounded by candles, dolls and other ritualistic items, according to Slidell investigators.

But police said Roques was nowhere to be found when they arrived at his house. People who live near the home said they heard yelling coming from the house in the past.

“Yeah, but I never thought of anything like that. An argument is an argument, but for it to turn out that there was animal remains and human remains back there, that is horrible, that is just disgusting,” said a woman who lives nearby but did not want to be identified.

Police don’t think the human bones are connected to a homicide, rather, they believe they were likely taken from a cemetery.

“They said that they're not homicides, but it doesn't make me feel better that he's out robbing graves. It's just one step away from a Dahmer situation,” said  Dwayne Koonce, who grew up in the neighborhood.

On Tuesday as police lined the street, a FOX 8 viewer captured images of crime scene tape and the parish coroner’s van on the scene. Now residents across Slidell are concerned that something so disturbing was happening so close to home.

“Just never seen anything so freaky like this. I hope they catch him soon, though - no telling,” said Henry Calamari, who lives nearby.

As for the domestic abuse arrest, the neighbor who asked not to be identified said she never saw evidence of problems.

"He seemed regular," she said. "Anytime they got in the car, they seemed like a good little couple going to the store coming back. But other than that, it didn't look like anything suspicious. You would've never thought that that was going on back there."

Police think Roques is driving a gray 2004 Infinity G35 and may have plans to flee the state. If you have information that could help contact Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

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