What you need to know about flooring after a flood

What you need to know about flooring after a flood

(WVUE) - Many homeowners in St. Tammany Parish and even more recently in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes have come home to flooded homes and changed lives.

With several feet of floodwater having invaded their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and baths, these homeowners are throwing out waterlogged furniture, tearing out drywall and trying to save as much of their belongings as possible.

The repairs can become overwhelming and expensive. Homeowners often ask themselves, "Do I really need to replace this or can it be repaired?"

Often times, this decision begins with the most expansive surface in the home - flooring.

No matter what type of flooring you choose, Terri Seibert with Acadian Flooring recommends working with a professional salesperson and being prepared to answer these 5 questions:

  • Is this a high traffic area?
  • Are there children in the home?
  • Are there pets in the home?
  • How much maintenance do you want to do on the floor?
  • Have you determined a budget for your project?

Ceramic Tile is a more flood proof replacement choice than many others, but homeowners still have to make the right choice in both product and installation. Tony Foret, manager with Acadian Flooring suggests asking your contractor about their installer credentials and product quality.

He goes on to compare working with the right contractor to buying an insurance policy for your floors.

"You're kind of buying an insurance policy. You're letting us handle everything; we use the best products. If anything goes wrong, it's warranted," Tony said.

Finally, determine your timeline for repair. How quickly do you want your home back to normal? Terri also reminds you to ask if the flooring you are selecting is in stock.  Many retailers have limited samples in store and will need to order products, which can take several weeks to arrive.

"Our customers are amazed when they come in and realize we have over a million square feet of flooring in stock," Terri said.

Recovering from a storm is difficult, but having a detailed plan for each area of recovery makes it much easier.