True freshman Darius Bradwell vying for Tulane starting quarterback spot

True freshman Darius Bradwell vying for Tulane starting quarterback spot

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The spread-option offense is no easy task to learn. Willie Fritz has three quarterbacks this spring trying to work through all it's intricacies and finally call themselves QB1 this fall. Darius Bradwell enrolled early at Tulane, trying to avoid falling behind the upperclassmen in this fierce battle.

"It's a great advantage I think. If I came in the summer it would be a little more chaos. I made a start decision coming early," said true freshman Darius Bradwell.

"You know it's huge. I haven't been a big proponent of guys coming in early. I think sometimes it takes away from their high school experience," said Tulane Head Football Coach Willie Fritz. "I got three kids of my own, and they're grown now. That second semester is pretty important, their last semester of high school. He really wanted to do it, and I'm glad he did. He's mature enough to be able to handle it. Also, at his position, I think these 15 practices and meetings, all of those things are just invaluable. When he comes back in the fall he'll be a veteran, not a rookie."

It's obvious watching practice Bradwell can flat-out fly running downhill. There's just a few other areas he needs to perfect if he wants to be calling the shots come September.

"Just technique, I have fundamental things I do, like not stepping in my throws, fading. Just those things over the summer when I work on it. When I get those things down it's like money," said Bradwell.

To show how serious Bradwell is about winning this starting job. He's skipping the chance to go back to Tallahasse this summer, staying here for summer school, and focusing on the playbook.

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