Balloon's pop up in New Orleans for a weekend event

Balloon's pop up in New Orleans for a weekend event

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Balloons can be twisted into serious works of art. The Festival of Balloons is this Sunday at the Hilton Riverside. Today, some artists showed kids how they've made balloons a career.

"Fold it up like this and you'll squeeze it like that," said artist Ben Scott.

He teaches children at a local school the tricks of his trade.

"Like this," said one girl.

"Ah, that's perfect, " Scott said.

He's made a living as a balloon artist for decades. A masterpiece of a giant balloon instrument proves his skills are beyond child's play.

"Last night I spent four hours and about 100 balloons and made it in the hotel room. What's great is we have a sculpture  and their logo built into it," he said.

"Anything you can draw with a circle you can make with a balloon, said Artist Connie Iden-Monds. "Because balloons are round or long like lines."

Hundreds of balloon artists are in town for the Festival of Balloons. They'll gather downtown this weekend to show off unbelievable works of art that are blown up and twisted and made amazing.

"My goal is to entertain, my medium is balloons," said artist Billy Damon. "I use balloons to entertain much like a magician will use a deck of cards. It works very well."

The Festival of Balloons is a place grown-ups can be kids again.

"From giant sculptures to all kinds of small things to balloon hats and balloon fashion, it's amazing," said Connie Iden-Monds.

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