Curbside recycling returns to Kenner

Curbside recycling returns to Kenner

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - Beginning in May, Kenner residents will be able to put their recycling on the curb for pickup.

Ramelli Waste, LLC, the city's garbage collector, will distribute green recycling bins next week. Kenner officials said for the first time in more than a decade Ramelli Waste included the possibility of curbside recycling as part of a new 10-year contract.

"We promised residents that we would make sure there was a significant amount of notice so that the new service wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone," Acting Mayor Michael Sigur said. "Some residents will have their recycling bins dropped off at their homes in less than a week, and the actual recycling is less than a month away."

Residents will be asked to put their recycling out on their second garbage pickup day of the week. Ramelli officials say that means residents who get garbage collected on Monday will have both garbage and recycling picked up on Thursday. For residents with Tuesday garbage collection, recycling pickup will be on Friday. Those with Wednesday garbage collection will have their recycling picked up on Saturday.

Items that can be placed in recycling bins include paper, plastic and metal products, like aluminum and steel. Glass items will not be accepted. A list of recyclable items can be found by clicking here.
"However, if you aren't sure, just look to see if the product has that recycling logo," Sigur said. "If it doesn't, then please don't put it in the container."

The city says curbside recycling will be available to 22,000 locations. Those who live in apartments or condos will not have access to the service.

Curbside recycling will begin on May 5, 2016.

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