FOX 8 Defenders: Railroad crew repairs pothole

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - An entrance to the Danziger Bridge, which crosses the Industrial Canal on Chef Menteur Highway at France Road, is heavily traveled and with a lot of big trucks. Every vehicle rolls right over a set of old railroad tracks.

"Immediately I knew that something wasn't right with my vehicle," New Orleans driver Percy Reed said.  Driving through the area at night Reed explained that his Mercedes fell into a large hole.  He said, "My tires were destroyed. My rim was destroyed, and I had to have the rim repaired. There's still another tire that I need to have repaired, as well."

Reed showed us receipts that detail how he spent more than $200 replacing the two front tires and showed us more damage to an expensive rear tire that will also need to be replaced.

"I was actually flabbergasted how big that hole was," Reed said.  We got a closeup look and found not only a deep hole, but large metal bolts exposed around the old rail tracks. "I wanted to make sure that you all (FOX 8 Defenders) knew it so we can make sure that it gets repaired or that it does not damage anyone else's vehicles," Reed said.

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad owns this set of tracks. A worker told us they've received several complaints, and shortly after we arrived, a repair crew was on scene.  The railroad crew shut down the area and began repairs.  A worker told us they had planned to be out there sooner, but got delayed due to weather.  Percy Reed is just happy to hear what happened to his car won't happen to anyone else.

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