Jail monitor: 'Very serious' problems at OPP

Jail monitor: 'Very serious' problems at OPP

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - An attorney for the U.S. Justice Department Friday told a federal judge that they plan to seek a court intervention to iron out longstanding problems surrounding violence, suicide, and training at the Orleans Parish jail.

This came after a consent decree monitor called for the new jail to be cleaned out so that they can start over.

Witness after witness took the stand in Judge Lance Africk's court citing repeated problems in the jail, including suicide and non-compliance issues, which the judge finds are not being addressed.

A March 17 report written by the lead monitor said there has been no progress by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office toward compliance, adding that areas of non-compliance have actually increased from 43 to 61.

"Obviously the situation is very serious and you can feel that in the courtroom. It's apparent problems with violence is very serious in terms of staff and inmates that are there. It seems there will be a shift in what's going on," local civil rights attorney Mary Howell said.

The court-appointed independent monitor called for the new jail to be cleaned out and started over as patience appears to be wearing thin for all parties. 
Sheriff Marlin Gusman left court with no comment.

The justice department served notice they will be seeking some type of intervention.

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