AFR: Curiosity surrounding Saints QB inquiries is exactly what team wants

AFR: Curiosity surrounding Saints QB inquiries is exactly what team wants

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Are the Saints really considering drafting a quarterback high? Are they visiting these quarterbacks to simply update scouting reports? Is it a smokescreen to get other teams behind them thinking they're going to draft a quarterback high to entice a trade? Is it a negotiating ploy with Drew Brees and his agent and the pending extension?

All are legitimate questions after the NFL Network report that the Saints have met with and/or have visits planned with Paxton Lynch, Conner Cook and Nate Sudfield. Compelling arguments can be made as to why the Saints are doing what they're doing.

However, when I read these reports and see the predictable reaction of intrigue and curiosity, I can't help but think that this is exactly what the Saints want.

They want us to all be wondering what they are doing. And because it's at the most crucial position in the game, they know other franchises have to be wondering too. They want to be the team that is impossible to predict at draft time. They want to be the team everyone is curious about. Illusion is as much a part of the pre-draft process as fact-finding is.

I have no idea why the Saints are doing such extensive due diligence on quarterbacks. Drew Brees is still waiting on an extension. They also invested the highest draft choice on a quarterback since Archie Manning in Garrett Grayson last year. Plus, as anyone can see, this team has far greater needs than a signal-caller.

But there is also enough doubt to take them seriously. Brees is 37 and the Saints have to eventually think about life after him. Grayson was drafted high but also couldn't beat out Luke McCown to backup Brees in 2015, and they brought MCCown back this offseason.

Perhaps we'll eventually find out why the Saints are doing what they're doing. Then again, maybe we won't. One thing is for sure though, from now until draft day we'll wonder.

Exactly what the Saints want us to do.

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