PHOTO: Gun jams when alleged robber tries to shoot man in head

PHOTO: Gun jams when alleged robber tries to shoot man in head

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A Carrollton area resident grabbed a camera when he saw someone pull a gun on a man sitting in a parked truck.

The neighbor captured a chilling cell phone picture of the armed robbery early Wednesday at Sycamore and Pine.

A gunman wearing a gray hoodie can be seen holding a gun to a painter's head as the worker ate breakfast in his truck waiting for other members of the paint crew to arrive.

William Meariman, who works with the victim, said three guys came down the street.

"One guy came up behind and ducked behind the truck, stuck a gun to (the victim's) head, said give me your money and your keys. He gave it up and the guy still pulled the trigger and tried to shoot him in the head," Meariman said.

Meariman said the gun jammed allowing a chance for his co-worker to escape.

A woman who lives on the block and asked not to be identified said her son was walking the dog when the robbery happened, clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"The workman, he jumped out of the car and went running and saw my son. Nobody else was out and he ran to my son yelling and said 'call the police they have guns' and the guy shot at both my son and the man," the woman said.

Neither of the men were injured, but police said this gunman had help from two accomplices who kept a lookout during the robbery.

Police said the three took off with the painter's money in what witnesses describe as a black Nissan.

And it appears this may not have been their first crime of the day.

"Police told us they had robbed somebody a couple of blocks over. same people," Meariman said.

In that case, about a half hour earlier, police said a gunman held up a man at the corner of Hillary and Zimple, demanded cash, but only got away with a cell phone.

Back on Sycamore, the painters are back to work inside the house without their co-worker, who is painting at another job site.

Neighbors said the incidents were too close for comfort.

"The whole neighborhood, we've all been very, very upset," the woman said.

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