Metairie apartment worker called hero after major fire

Metairie apartment worker called hero after major fire

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - A Metairie maintenance worker who lost everything in a fire Sunday morning doesn't want to be called a hero.

The fire happened in the 500 block of Lake Avenue. His friends say he likely saved lives in a huge fire that destroyed 30 units.

Workers moved quickly Monday to try and shore up what's left of the Old Metairie apartments.

"The flames were in the hallway to the roof and extended to the roof," said apartment worker David Friedel.

More than 30 units went up in flames, and two people were injured.

"You never know with a fire, you just want to get everyone out," said Friedel.

Friedel worked frantically to alert people he's known for years while helping to manage the complex.

"I didn't wait. Just went door to door. Some weren't answering. I just kept going door to door," said Friedel.

He knocked on 30 doors all told, and may have saved countless lives. One man was injured after he jumped out the window. Friedel may have saved his life, but he wished he had done more.

"He wanted me to break his fall, but he jumped before i could get a ladder," said Friedel. "Some people think I am [a hero] It's been kind. I'm lucky," he said.

"Anybody who doesn't think they are - that's a true hero," said friend Darren Monnerjahn.

Friedel lost everything in the fire, but he escaped with his life, and may have saved many others. He believes the fire started in an upstairs unit facing Lake Avenue.

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