Workout Wednesday: Barre with Footprints to Fitness

Workout Wednesday with April Dupre

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Meet us at the barre. No, not the ones we're used to in Nola, but you won't be disappointed.

April Dupre, Wellness Coach/Owner of Footprints To Fitness demonstrates a great barre exercise to try ahead of summer.

Barre is an exercise that combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, and Dance. Grab a chair and follow along with the steps below!

Plie Squats

Place one hand on the chair to guide and support your balance. Separate feet shoulder width apart with toes pointed naturally out to the side.

* Squat down while raising your free arm towards the sky until your knees are at a 90 degree angle

* Return to the top while tightening your gluts and core

* Repeat motion

* Complete 5 sets of 20 on each side

Heel Pulses

Place one hand on the chair with the other extended towards the sky. Put heels together with feet naturally turned out to the side. Lift heels off of the ground.

* Squat down 45 degrees while tucking your gluts and keeping your core tight

* Swing hips to the right while reaching your free hand in the same direction.

* Repeat motion on opposite side. Motion your hips to sway back/forth engaging the core (working targeting obliques and legs).

* Complete 5 sets of 20

Leg Lifts

Place both hands onto the back of the chair while centering one foot between the width of the chair. Place opposite leg behind the body in a mini lunge position. Be sure to keep your hips aligned for the duration of the exercise.

* Keep a bend in the front leg as you extend the back leg towards the sky (remember to keep those hips squared)

* Tap toes to the ground and repeat motion. The further you bend the front knee the more intense the exercise becomes.

* Tighten your core to protect the low back and flatten your back

* Repeat motion

* Complete 5 sets of 20 on each side

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