City review committee critical of police monitor's report

City review committee critical of police monitor's report

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A New Orleans city review committee released an assessment of the police monitor in Orleans parish.

The three member quality assurance committee found the police monitor's office may have reached some questionable conclusions by inferring there was widespread retaliation against citizens who complained about the New Orleans Police Department.

The report found the police monitors analysis of the NOPD's treatment of complaints "suffered from insufficient investigative techniques, and lacked reliable data and documentation."

The report found that a paper published by police monitor's office reached conclusions that were an "unabashedly partisan and sensationalist assertion that inadequate investigation of several officer involved shootings during Hurricane Katrina created a human crisis that exponentially expanded the destruction of the storm, lacked evidentiary support and the reporting of the events cited was not done in an objective manner."

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