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Jury selection begins in Walter Reed trial

Walter Reed (FOX 8 Photo) Walter Reed (FOX 8 Photo)

Jury selection has begun for the trial of former St. Tammany Parish District attorney Walter Reed and his son Stephen.

The men are accused to turning campaign funds into cash for personal use.

There are more than 50 people in the pool for potential jurors.

Walter Reed and his son Stephen represented by different attorneys in Judge Eldon Fallon's court.

The 19-count indictment against Reed says he misled campaign donors and paid for a birthday party for his girlfriend’s son and other personal expenses.

Prosecutors contend the St Tammany hospital board hired Reed for personal services. Checks were made payable to the district attorney’s office were deposited in Reed’s personal account.

Judge Fallon telling possible jury members Reed and his son remain innocent unless the state can prove alleged guilt.

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