Walter Reed federal corruption trial gets underway

Walter Reed federal corruption trial gets underway

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - The federal corruption trial got underway Monday for former North Shore district attorney Walter Reed and his son.

Reed was at the center of Lee Zurik's investigative series Downfall of a Dynasty.

During opening statements, the feds said Walter Reed and his son stole money from Reed's campaign fund, spent it improperly and then covered up their wrongdoing.

Reed and his son, Steven, are being tried together in federal court. Reed faces 19 charges of wire fraud, money laundering, mail fraud and filing false statements on income tax returns. He's accused of spending campaign money on personal items like flowers, dinners and funneling payments to his son.

The feds say Reed spent more than $120,000 out of his campaign fund buying flowers for women he found attractive, on expensive diners for his family and on business opportunities. He's also accused of using campaign money to pay out thousands of dollars to companies owned by his son and profiting from legal services contracts with St. Tammany hospital.

Reed has pleaded not guilty to the charges. If convicted, Reed could face more than 200 years in prison and a $4.5 million fine.

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