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Funding cuts to DHH jeopardize restaurant inspections across the state

(Source: DHH) (Source: DHH)

The Department of Health and Hospitals oversees food inspections at restaurants and with the recent cuts, the agency is looking at drastically reducing its food sanitation inspection staff.

Last week, Governor John Bel Edwards announced the state could cut DHH funding by more than $400 million, hitting hospitals all over the state.

But the cuts would also lead to a reduction in food inspections. The agency is expecting to cut their sanitation and retail food inspection staff in half.

This reduction would mean that some establishments that receive inspections twice a year due to their standing with the state may only get inspected once.

The department is hopeful that lawmakers will find enough revenue in an upcoming special session to prevent drastic cuts.

But with other state services already facing millions in cuts and four hospitals scheduled to close around the state, it's hard to say more funding would be enough needed to keep a full inspections staff.

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