Witnesses to take the stand in Walter Reed corruption trial

Witnesses to take the stand in Walter Reed corruption trial

Walter Reed walked in and out of court yesterday saying he was confident he could beat the case against him despite prosecution assertions that Reed,  year in and year out, continued to spend campaign money on personal expenses.

Reed's defense attorney says many of the allegations against him are just mistakes, not criminal wrongdoing.

Reed is on trial for alleged conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and making false statements on his tax return.

The prosecution will call its first witnesses today.

The feds say Reed used campaign money on flowers for women he found attractive and expensive dinners for friends and family.

Reed's attorney, Rick Simmons, responded in his opening statement, saying, "In Louisiana you better be interested in high school, high school scholastics, that's part of holding public office."

Reed's son, Steven, is also on trial. Prosecutors say Steven was overpaid for work allegedly performed on behalf of father's campaign.

Steven Reed's attorney says his client is collateral damage from the feds investigation of the elder Reed.

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