Restaurant owner testifies in Walter Reed corruption case

Restaurant owner testifies in Walter Reed corruption case

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Jurors in the federal corruption trial of former North  Shore district attorney Walter Reed and his son heard testimony Monday about expensive dinners and questionable payments that Reed made to his son.

The feds started investigating Reed after a FOX 8 investigation first uncovered expenses that Reed paid using money from his campaign fund.

A restaurant owner testified that Walter Reed bought dinners and gift cards at his restaurant and paid for them out of his campaign fund, even though the restaurant owner did not think they were not campaign functions.

But Reed's defense attorney, Rick Simmons, said often when his client spent money from the campaign fund, he was doing so with supporters. Simmons added that Reed was seen at the restaurant shaking hands with those supporters.

Reed and his son are being tried together at federal court. Reed faces charges of conspiracy, money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud and filing false statements on tax returns.

Two former bartenders who used to work at a bar owned by Reed's son, Steven, also testified Monday that when they stopped working at his bar, Steven Reed owed them months of pay. One of the bartenders said Steven Reed told him he didn't pay him because he just didn't have the money.

Testimony is about to wrap up for the day we will bring you the latest right here on fox 8 news and on our website fox 8 live dot com. 

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