Friends, former business partner of Walter Reed testify in corruption trial

Reed Trial: Day 3

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - One of Walter Reed's former business partners and long-time friends takes the stand to testify for the government. Wednesday's testimony centered around dinners and parties that Reed threw and used campaign money to pay for.

Day three of Walter Reed's corruption trial saw a number of Reed's friends take the stand.

Among them, Yancie "Bubba" Moseley who testified, "I was meeting with Walter and mentioned my birthday was coming up and he said, let's get some friends together and celebrate at N'Tinis."

That birthday dinner in July of 2011 consisted of food and an open bar for about 20 people. The $821 tab, including tip, was paid for with a check from the Walter Reed campaign fund.

During cross examination, Reed's attorney, Rick Simmons, asked Moseley if he or his father, who was at the birthday dinner, ever donated to and supported Reed's campaign. The answer: Yes.

"Our issue is that if you're a campaign supporter, these types of events are allowed by the state campaign laws," Rick Simmons said outside court Wednesday.

Another government witness on the stand Wednesday was Cayman Sinclair, the owner of the Lake House in Mandeville. Sinclair has known Walter Reed for 20 years and was asked to cater Reed's fundraiser in 2012 at the Castine Center.

Sinclair testified, "Mr. Reed asked me to take $5,000 from the catering budget and give it to the bar."

Reed's son, Steven, who is also on trial, allegedly provided alcohol for the event. Sinclair says Reed asked him to provide the $5,000 in the form of a cashier's check, not a regular check from the Lake House checking account. The check was to be made out to "Liquid Bread", Steven Reed's company.

When we attempted to ask Rick Simmons why Walter Reed  wanted a cashier's check sent to his son, instead of a standard check from the business' account, he replied, "I have no idea what the gentleman did, Walter Reed doesn't know what he did."

Simmons continued, "Wait for our defense."

Another witness Wednesday, the owner of an entertainment company, testified he paid Steven Reed to act as a production manager for one of his father's campaign fundraisers. When asked why he gave Steven Reed $5,000 for the job, Ed White replied, because that's what Walter Reed told him to do.

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