Saying goodbye to musical royalty: Prince

Saying goodbye to musical royalty: Prince

(WVUE) - On the day the world celebrates Queen Elizabeth's birthday, the world mourns the passing of rock and roll royalty, Prince.
A world without the purple one. For music fans it's been a really, REALLY tough time lately. Bowie, Frey, Haggard, Lemmy all passed on to that all-star band in the sky. Who next? I don't think anybody wants to think about it because these have been some very tough hits lately and quite frankly enough already.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson in June of 1958, the Minneapolis musician became a teenage protegy and released his first album "For You" in 1978. For those who may not know, Prince wrote, performed and produced the entire album, the entire album! Even the Beatles had a producer. He did the same in 1979 with the "Prince" album scoring a major hit with  "I Wanna Be Your Lover". From then on it you never knew what you would get from the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist.

From "Dirty Mind" to "Controversy", Prince grooved on all types of musical influences from pop, disco, funk, rock, to new wave and jazz. When it came to lyrical content no one could deliver a song of sexual desire like Prince. His music personified sexuality! Then in 1982 Prince proved to the world he was one of the most creative musicians of the day when he released the double album "1999". His live performances were some of the most electrifying in the world and in 1984 he doubled down by releasing the legendary album "Purple Rain." The album and subsequent movie cemented Prince as one of the biggest acts in the world rivaling Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.

You couldn't go to a dance club or listen to the radio without hearing Prince and the multi-platinum hits kept coming. Albums like "Around the World in a Day" to "Parade" and another double LP "Sign O' the Times" made Prince an unrivaled worldwide superstar. Prince was wildly prolific during this time, not only cranking out his own hits but writing, producing and performing on hits for many artists. Prince loved using pseudonyms for these songs like Jamie Starr or Alexander Nevermind and he hit the charts writing and producing songs for Madonna, Chaka Khan, Sheena Easton, Sheila E, The Bangles, The Time and Sinead O'Connor to name several of too many to list.

The man never kept still pumping out dozens of albums in his career, sometimes releasing multiple albums a year. His creativity was limitless and he created much of his music at his own studio Paisley Park in Minnesota. He was the everyman's musician who did everything. There was virtually nothing the purple one couldn't or didn't do musically and for many he has no peer. One of Prince's most impressive talents was playing guitar and that's saying a lot when you think of his ability to play just about any instrument. His solo on "Purple Rain" is one of the most emotional performances on a guitar ever. His solo on "My Guitar Gently Weeps" during the induction of George Harrison into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame personifies Prince.

He was a true American original and there will never be another like him.

Rest in peace, Prince Rogers Nelson.

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