St Charles Sheriff's Office releases audio recordings from alleged victim of former DA

Recordings released of former St. Charles DA

LULING, LA (WVUE) - New recordings just released by the St Charles Parish Sheriff's office reveal the fear in a woman who was allegedly shaken down for sexual favors by the now-convicted former district attorney.

The recordings were part of a FOX 8 public records request from a young mother who is trying to get her life straight.

"I'm not that person anymore. I just graduated drug court. I have a son, she said."

Newly released dash cam video records a complaint from St. Rose resident Danelle Keim McGovern. She had just gotten a DWI back in 2010 when she says then-D.A. Harry Morel came calling.

"He said I'm here on Airline, can I stop at your house?" said McGovern.

Morel came by in minutes, and told her she was beautiful.

" He goes, 'can you take your clothes off for me,?' and my heart dropped," said McGovern.

The St Charles Sheriff's Office contacted the FBI.

"Despicably 20 women discovered a sexual predator was sitting in the D.A.'s chair in St. Charles parish," said Sheriff Greg Champagne.

The investigation dragged on for 6 years, and resulted Wednesday in an obstruction conviction against the former D.A.

"A man who perverted his position of power, and took advantage of women who needed help and he did it over and over again," said U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite.

Two years after she went to police, Danelle Keim McGovern, was found dead in her home of a drug overdose.

"These women were singled out, because he knew who would be hesitant to come forward," said Champagne.

Morel wouldn't be brought to justice for three more years, which is exactly what his sentence might be when he goes back before a federal judge in August.

Morel's attorney said in a statement, calling the "sexual predator" remarks a "smear tactic" to influence sentencing.

Ralph Capitelli pointed out that his client was not charged with any sexual offense crimes.

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