Musicians and Prince fans react to the legend's death

Locals react to passing of Prince

(WVUE) - Local radio stations are playing Prince music, and musicians and fans are emotional about the loss of a legend whose music transcended decades. The songs bring back a lifetime of memories for fans and heartbreak on the day of his passing.

"I'm calling for Prince," one woman said in tears. "I just can't get over it. I  loved him!"

WYLD's Adrian Long takes calls on another day the music died.

"Prince was one of the biggest entertainers of my lifetime and we've lost so many already in the past 10 years: Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson. Prince was one of those icons," Long said.

Ivan Neville struggles to find words.

"I grew up along side this guy. He's like a year or so older than me around my age. I love his music, I love his artistry, I love him standing up for what he believed in his whole career. I can't believe he's gone like that," he said.

Musicians in New Orleans describe prince as one of the most innovative performers of our time, breaking barriers and reinventing himself.

"He always tried to say this is who I am. If you tried to pin him down and say you're this he'd say no I'm that. That was the theme of his early records," said music critic Alex Rawls.

Neville said Prince was from the school of Sly and the Family Stone, crossing genres with funk and new wave. Rawls says the most complicated of his career was how he fought the record industry at a time that others couldn't see the problem record industry had.

The last time Prince performed in New Orleans was Essence Fest 2014, and that performance was memorable.

"He played songs from the last two or three years in edition to everything else. It was a hell of a show," Rawls said.

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