Day 4: Walter Reed corruption trial

Day 4: Walter Reed corruption trial

(WVUE) - Testimony in the federal corruption trial of former Shore florist D.A. Walter Reed may have bolstered prosecutors' claims that Reed lived large off his campaign fund by spending big on meals, flowers, and gift cards.

A North Shore florist testified Reed bought hundreds of dollars of floral arrangements for special occasions for family, a secretary, and others.

A restaurant worker told the jury Reed spent thousands of dollars on meals and sometimes used campaign fund checks to cover the expenses.

Reed's defense attorney would not declare it a bad day for his client.

"Some witnesses this morning about the restaurant we think went well, but we'll wait and see what happens tomorrow," said Rick Simmons.

Earlier in the day, Steven Reed's accountant testified for the prosecution about questioning large deposits in his business account in 2012 totaling more than $46,000.  Amy Bailey said Steven Reed claimed the deposits were funds from selling his bar equipment, but kept changing his story. The feds claim Walter Reed funneled money to his son.

When asked whether Thursday's testimony was damaging to Walter Reed, his attorney said, "We have to take cross examination.  Witnesses on direct give the government's side of the case and we have to do cross tomorrow morning."

And Simmons would not say whether Walter Reed would eventually take the witness stand in his own defense.

"Oh, I usually don't answer those questions, just wait and see."

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