Week One of Testimony Over in Walter Reed trial

Week One of Testimony Over in Walter Reed trial

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The first week of testimony in the fraud and conspiracy trial of the former St Tammany DA ended Friday afternoon..

At issue,  an unsigned hospital resolution regarding $30,000 a year payments to the Walter Reed.

On the stand  St Tammany hospital  board chairman John Evans who said Reed called him in 2014 and told him of a 1994 hospital resolution that was faxed to the hospital. It purported to authorize $30000 a year payments to Reed 'and others' and not to Walter Reed 'DA'. Evans testified that he was disappointed that no record of that resolution. signed by board members,  was ever found.  Jurors are being asked to consider hospital resolutions one minute, restaurant tabs the next. There has been extensive testimony today about lavish meals at the Dakota and Del Porto restaurants paid for through the Reed campaign.

"In fairytales and in trials you'd like to have a linear story, but because of the nature of this trial, and the different types of violations that they are alleging they have to put their witnesses on and their witnesses probably can only come certain days , so you're going to get a certain amount of dis-jointedness, the burden is on the prosecution to put it all together for the jury in the end," said Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti.

Much of Friday's  testimony centered on $500 gift cards that were added on to restaurant tabs paid for through the Reed campaign fund.

Prosecutors will call more witnesses Monday morning.

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