Justice Department seeks outside administrator to run new jail

Justice Department seeks outside administrator to run new jail

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The U.S. Justice Department asks a federal court to appoint an outside administrator to run the New Orleans jail. Sheriff Marlin Gusman has struggled to comply with requirements in a 2012 consent agreement and lawyers for inmates who sued over jail conditions.

Gusman repeatedly blames the city for not providing adequate funding.

Even though inmates have moved into a modern facility, a court appointed monitor says violence continues to be a problem.

The federal government and the Macarthur Foundation made the request in a court filing Monday morning.

"Certain safety issues were not improving including safety, sanitation,  and other care issues at the jail that was talked about at the last hearing. It's been a problem for years," said Katie Schwartzman with the Macarthur Foundation.

The motion calls for the court to appoint someone with day to day administrative authority over the jail.

Orleans Prison spokesman Phil Stelly says they have just received the motion and are still digesting it. He says they may have a comment later today.

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