Brother Martin student achieves perfection on ACT

Brother Martin student gets perfect ACT score

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Very few things are perfect in life, but a Brother Martin sophomore's recent ACT test score is just that. Perfect! Joseph Aguda made a 36 on his college entrance exam.

"I have a camera following me around everywhere, everyone's all excited, it's great!" he said.

Other students are telling him congratulations and good job. He's saying, "Geez, I can't believe this! I started telling everyone I knew pretty much."

He shared the news with his parents.

"I was blown away," said his dad, Joseph Aguda, Jr. "There's no where to go beyond that."

His mother Dulce said as a sophomore, expectations were not super high.

"We figured it was the opportunity to set a baseline but certainly we weren't expecting a perfect score," she said.

From the time Joseph was a kid, he was always pretty perfect. Top of his class at St. Benilde in first grade, Taekwondo, and even band at Brother Martin in earlier grades.

"Quiz bowl and speech and debate. That's a lot of fun," he said.

In the 7th grade he took the ACT as part of a national program and did well on it.

"Duke invited him to go to the university for a big ceremony," his dad said.

As a 10th grader Joseph was ready.

"I really didn't do much preparation," he said. "I did do the prep classes at Brother Martin once a week but not much,"

"We know that the community we have here the programs we have here, we like to think it's a part of his success but he's a natural talent and hard worker," said Thomas Mavor, Vice Principal at Brother Martin.

Joseph excels in each class, and has advice for students faced with the ACT.

"As long as you remain calm, don't work yourself up you'll do fine," the honor student said.

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