Exclusive: Pregnant kidnapping victim speaks out

RAW VIDEO: Pregnant woman kidnapped at gunpoint in Gentilly

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Seven months pregnant, kidnapped from her home, sexually assaulted and held captive for hours, this victim, who FOX 8 will not identify, opens up for the first time about her horrific night.

She came home to her Gentilly apartment around 12:30 Saturday morning to find the security door to the complex broken and open.

"I tried to close the door, but I couldn't. I thought maybe if I set my purse down into the house, I'll close the door," the victim said.

When she came back to close the door, a man she said she's never met before came up behind her.

"The guy was right behind me, and I jumped. I said, 'you scared me,' and he said, 'you don't have to be scared.' He had a gun," the victim said.

She said with a gun pointed to her, the man told her to get inside of the apartment.

"I'm backing up, and I'm watching him and I said 'what do you want? He said, 'I need $200.' I said, 'that's all you need?' He said, 'yeah.' I said I would have to go to the bank," the victim said.

She said he forced her into her own car, and then he drove to an ATM. On the way there, she said the man sexually assaulted her. Once at the ATM, he withdrew $200 and got back into the car.

"So, he pulls off and he drives around the city. His hand was still on the trigger, and he says 'I just want to get a hotel,'" the victim said.

She said the kidnapper drove through New Orleans and then through Metairie, but never stopped to get a hotel. Instead she said he told her they should stop to fill up the gas tank.

"I'm like, he's trying to get out of town or something," the victim said.

The victim said she became very worried about what might come next. Meanwhile, the victim said the kidnapper had one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding his gun on the console.

"He's driving and when we enter Laplace, I said, 'what's going on with you?' because he wasn't saying anything. I said, 'do you have kids?' He said, 'I just had a baby girl about two or three weeks ago.' I said, 'this is my first daughter right here and I'm so excited about having a daughter," the victim said.

She said at that point, she felt like the gunman was beginning to let his guard down. She decided to start faking labor pains in an effort to somehow get away.

"I knew when the bumps were coming up, and I pretended like there's a bump. I said, It hurts, slow down, so I made him think that I really was having these pains," she said.

After being in the car for more than four hours, the kidnapper agreed to take her to Baton Rouge General Hospital. Once there, she said he walked her inside and even helped her into a wheelchair. After being put into a room, she says a nurse came in to see them.

"She said, I need a sample of your urine, and I need you to put this gown on. I said, which way and she was peeking behind the gown at me. I said, he kidnapped me. He's armed. He's armed," said the victim.

The nurse got the message loud and clear, and the victim says they told the kidnapper they were going to examine her in another room. Once they got her away, she said security detained the gunman.

"I looked out, and they had police everywhere. When I stepped one foot out of the room, I heard pow. I just jumped. I said, gosh, I hope no one was hurt," the victim.said.

Police say the kidnapper, identified as 29-year-old Gary Saxton, fatally shot himself.

"I knew it was over. I just knew I was going to go home to my sons and I was able to give birth to my daughter. That was my biggest concern," the victim said.

She said in a way, her unborn baby girl may have saved her life.

"It's like she guided me all the way through, like an angel," she said.

The victim wants to stress that she had never met Saxton before being kidnapped that night.

Police say Saxton carjacked and attempted to kidnap another woman about two hours before he kidnapped the pregnant woman.

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