Guns rights advocates oppose Mayor Landrieu's firearms plan

New gun proposal for New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Gun rights advocates call Mayor Mitch Landrieu's proposed ordinance dealing with firearms in New Orleans unconstitutional. This, as the NRA may be getting involved in the fight.

Former New Orleans officer and current firearms instructor Mark Shreve admits the city has its fair share of problems with guns.

"New Orleans is a dangerous place to be," Shreve said.

Yet Shreve says a set of proposed ordinances by Landrieu to crack down on gun violence is far too overreaching.

"It wouldn't surprise me for the NRA to file some kind of suit claiming that this is unconstitutional," Shreve said.

The firearms instructor says he's been told the NRA is investigating after Landrieu last week announced a five-pronged plan.

"We're not gonna stop until we change the culture of violence into a culture of peace," Landrieu said Friday.

One of the proposals in the ordinance requires gun owners to report a stolen firearm to police within 48 hours or face a penalty. Enforcing the time frame is where FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti, sees a problem.

"That's a feel-good proposal and there's nothing bad about it, I just wonder how they're going to enforce it when I knew - or should've known - that my gun was stolen in the last 48 hours. How do you know what I know and when I know it?" Raspanti said.

Another proposal includes prohibiting people from bringing guns into NORD parks and playgrounds.

"He's talking about extending gun-free zones into playgrounds and parks and NORD playgrounds, and that's also a violation of the state's preemption laws because that's more restrictive than what the state already calls for."

The proposed ordinance would also make it illegal to possess or deal in firearms without serial numbers. However, that is already a state law. A spokesman for the Landrieu administration tells FOX 8 they believe the ordinance is constitutional.

FOX 8 reached out to the NRA for comment on this story, but didn't receive a response.

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