Mural dedicated in Bucktown

Mural dedicated in Bucktown

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish officials spent part of the morning dedicating a mural in Bucktown on Wednesday.

It's painted on a levee wall located on Metairie-Hammond Highway and features several images that represent the neighborhood's fishing culture. Lafayette native Robert Dafford painted the mural.

Dafford said he had to live the Bucktown experience to capture the essence of the community's history.

"In fact, originally I had come up with a concept, but upon meeting Russell Boudreaux and Kelly who are lifelong residents, they brought photographs and personal family album shots, Xeroxes of the pictures of the restaurants, the neighborhoods," he said. "I developed a rapport with them because they know what would be important to real Bucktown people."

Dafford, who painted the giant clarinet on the Holiday Inn downtown, said it took about four months to complete the Bucktown project. He said it would have been finished sooner if it hadn't been for bad weather.

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