Woman speaks about horrific discovery of burned dog in City Park

Woman speaks about horrific discovery of burned dog in City Park

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A woman out walking her dog in City Park made a gruesome discovery. She saw a dog, beaten and dead in a fire pit.

"At the turning point of this loop here, there's a few picnic tables and there's a little fire pit, and so we were hanging around that area while my dog played with another dog and I noticed there was something in the fire pit and it was what I thought was a little burned puppy," said the woman, whose identity we are protecting.

She took photos of what was horrifying to her eyes. She said the ashes under the dog were still warm when she made the discovery April 8 during a morning walk.

"I was just horrified. I just thought it was a terrible, terrible thing. I try not to let myself get upset about things like because then I won't be able to do anything," she said.

She called the SPCA and then the Humane Society of Louisiana. The HSL took possession of the carcass and LSU did a necropsy.

"The dog suffered a tremendous amount of trauma to the cranium, the brain itself, to the skull, the muzzle, and so that area was broken. The jaw was split in half all the way through the length of it, and unfortunately, Sabrina, we also discovered that the dog had suffered a previous broken jaw. This dog unfortunately was probably with the same abuser for a long time," said Jeff Dorson, director of the Humane Society.

He said the organization issued a first of its kind citywide animal abuse alert.

"We find that this is really an extraordinary, horrific crime that the whole city needs to help us come to terms with," said Dorson.

And Dorson believes what could be some critical evidence was left behind.

"These were store-bought boards. It's another strange thing to add to this whole crime - premeditated, they thought about it," he said.

"The barbaric killing of the dog was unconscionable and we hope the perpetrators are quickly brought to justice," said John Hopper, City Park's director of public affairs.

The lady who made the awful discovery has a message for the persons or person responsible.

"I hope that they get some help and turn themselves in," she said.

Dorson said they think the dog was possibly a Jack Russell terrier. He said all evidence will be turned over to police. Call the Humane Society if you have information that can help the investigation.

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