Sean Payton catching Kentucky Derby fever

Sean Payton catching Kentucky Derby fever

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Kentucky Derby fever is running rampant in New Orleans thanks to Mo Tom and Tom's Ready. Gayle and Tom Benson's two horses will run in six days in "The Run for the Roses." Saints Head Coach Sean Payton witnessed the frenzy first-hand at the Fair Grounds.

"That was my first race at the Louisiana Derby, not really being a part of it before. The paddock, you're down there and looking at him, this Mo Tom looks different. I'm like wow, this guy gets some space. Just impressive, just fascinating to me," Payton said.

Payton is a football guy, but he's starting to understand the horse racing game, and the significance of GMB Racing's accomplishments.

"I know for Mr. B and Gayle, people spend their whole life buying horses, looking at horses. Two of their first group are in this race, I think there's one other owner who's the Sheikh of Dubai who has two. I know both of them are really excited. You get behind it. I know to some degree to the city, it's one of their horses, it'll be exciting," Payton said.

The Derby is well-known for it's glitz and glamour. Big hats and fancy suits are the norm. Coach Payton will get in on the act when he witnesses the race Saturday.

"My buddies never thought one day I would buy a seersucker. I only saw it in the movies, John Grisham movie with the attorneys," Payton said.

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