Jazz Fest canceled Saturday

Jazz Fest canceled Saturday

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - People at Jazz Fest Saturday endured heavy downpours, thunder and lightning and then, the fest got canceled. That left some very angry and wet  music lovers.

"It absolutely sucks. We sat through a tsunami and it got canceled," attendee Lisa Wilkins said.

Around 5:00 Saturday evening, as fest goers poured out of the fairgrounds, many with food and drinks still in hand, they vented their frustrations.

"The gospel tent was flooded so we had to kinda wander around to find somewhere to stand where you wouldn't fall down or get soaking wet," Nya Butler said.

Near the Acura stage, a flood appeared after heavy rains.

Attendee Moody Igram explains, "It was just dumping, probably three, four, sometimes six inches of water on the ground in various spots."

As the rain came, people had to get creative. Jamie McRaney used a blue tarp to sit on, then turned it into a poncho.

Headliners Snoop Dog and Stevie Wonder didn't get to perform, which left some wondering if they'd get refunds.

Despite the less than ideal conditions, first timers, like Ava McRaney, say, "It was really fun!".

And the die-hard Jazz Fest lovers, plan a repeat trip back, Sunday.

Cedric Floyd says, "Look forward to coming back tomorrow."

RaiJon Westley adds, "We're just gonna pray to God he can stop this and we're going to enjoy the full day but hopefully they're gonna give us enough time if they say they're gonna shut it down, we won't waste our time but hopefully we'll be back tomorrow."

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