Rain at Jazz Fest hurts vendors sales

Rain at Jazz Fest hurts vendors sales
FOX 8 Photo
FOX 8 Photo

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Sunday's storms didn't keep die hard Jazz Fest goers away. They trudged through the mud and endured downpours, but local vendors say the wet weather this year, caused a big drop on sales.

At the final day of the festival, a sight you don't see too often; no lines for food!

"More cracklings for me," attendee Fred Blondiau said.

Good news for foodies but some vendors, like at the crawfish Monica tent, passed the time drying out money soaked with rain water. They used a kettle, typically used to cook up food for the masses.

Vendor Pete Hilzim says, "Yeah, it's been a disappointment, we were hoping for sunshine these few days."

Roberto Mendez adds, "We lost, I would say, 90 percent of the business."

The final Sunday of the fest is usually packed. But on this day, no one had to maneuver around blankets and through chairs. Instead, these brave music lovers gingerly stepped over puddles and mud pits; the remnants of two days of rain.

Jermaine McGee explains, "They're just shoes, you wash them off when you get home, take you a nice shower, and you're good."

Most people here knew what they were getting themselves into.

Janice Taylor says, "It's just water, we're not sugar, we're not gonna melt."

Little Quincy Blondiau wore an inflatable inner tube!

She says, "I saw the stuff from yesterday and I didn't want it to get too high."

But Alan Beoh decided to roll the dice, showing up in a suit!

"I don't have any rain gear right now so if it rains, what I'll do is just cover my head with my jacket and find shelter somewhere," Beoh explained.

At least on this day, the headliner, Neil Young, made it to the Acura stage. The people who waited for his arrival say enduring the rain, was all worth it!

"Honestly, you paid your money, you might as well come you know, enjoy the fun and the music," Jermaine McGee said.

As per tradition, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue closed out the festival.

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