May 9th begins voter registration week

May 9th begins voter registration week

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Secretary of State Tom Schedler will work with registrars of voters across Louisiana to sign up eligible voters during Voter Registration Week which runs May 9-13, 2016.

"Registering to vote is a right we should all cherish, and we've made it quick and easy to do so," said Secretary of State Tom Schedler. "In addition to events held by the registrars, our Voter Outreach Division will be set up in the Rotunda of the Louisiana State Capitol on Wednesday to distribute materials to legislators and to register visitors to vote. It's a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with lawmakers and let them know about the services provided and materials available to educate their constituents about voting in Louisiana."

Louisiana was one of the first states to implement the online voter registration portal. Citizens with a valid Louisiana's driver's license can register online 24/7 by clicking here.

To become a registered Louisiana voter, you must be:
•    a U.S. citizen; 
•    at least 17 years old to register and 18 years old prior to the next election to vote;
•    not under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony;
•    not under a judgment of full interdiction for mental incompetence or partial interdiction with suspension of voting rights; and
•    a resident in the state and parish in which you seek to register and vote.

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