Playing pickup football with Drew Brees

Pick-up game in the park

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Six-thirty on a Tuesday night and it's not unusual to see a pick-up game anywhere in New Orleans. It's the perfect way to bring a long day of school to a close. Then along comes Drew Brees.

At a time when 'all' of New Orleans wants to know if Brees will be a Saint beyond next season, the quarterback is taking life as it comes.

"I'm confident things will happen when they're supposed to happen," said Brees, while watching some kids play ball in the neutral ground.

Call it an easy, breesy way of looking at it and Brees' demeanor on this night was one of complete satisfaction, as he took a step back in time, if only for a brief moment.

"This is just kids playing in the yard, this is what we all did when we were kids. We're just sitting here, chatting, having a good time," said Brees who chose a neutral ground in Mid-City, of all places to join in on some pick up.

Imagine that. One of the best to ever play the game wants to play with 'you'. He wants to be your quarterback. This just doesn't happen everyday, does it?

After-all, Brees' original reason for being out here was to support Son of a Saint and his new club house, which focuses on keeping young kids like these on the right track.

"It's awesome," said Sonny Lee, President of Son of a Saint. "The biggest thing is that it's safe and secure for them and they know that and that may be what some of the kids are lacking but we're providing that. They can be kids right now. They have the tutoring and counseling that we provide."

"I hadn't had a chance to see it yet and was really interested to come by and learn more about the program, meet some of the kids, some of the mentors,"said Brees. "Sonny (Lee) and the Son of a Saint organization are doing great things and you can see the impact in talking to these young men, their appreciation for the program and their interaction. It's really impressive what Son of a Saint is doing."

And perhaps just as big an impact on these kids, what Drew decided to do next.

When the game calls, you have to answer it and all of a sudden, these kids had a Pro Bowl quarterback to share.

No one kept score because no one needed to. This was a night when everybody, the kids, Drew Brees, Son of a Saint and his new club house, they all won.

"We're in Mid-City, we're enjoying a beautiful day," said Brees. "(We're) just sitting in the common ground, bicyclists going by, cars going by, kids playing, This is what New Orleans is."

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