High-tech driver's licenses may be coming to Louisiana

Electronic Drivers License Bill

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The definition of what it means to have your license on you while you're driving could change, if a bill heading to the state senate.

Louisiana drivers had strong opinions when we talked to them about the idea of being able to show police officers electronic drivers licenses as opposed to the traditional laminated ones.

Drivers could use a smartphone app from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles to download a copy of their license. The download would cost no more than $5. Drivers wouldn't be able to simply take a picture of a license, and there are restrictions.

People would only be able to use the technology for driving, and not for access into private buildings and bars. You also wouldn't be able to purchase items such as cigarettes, lottery tickets or alcoholic beverages.

The electronic license would be real id compliant, but it would be up to the Transportation Security Administration to their use at airports.

Representative Ted James from Baton Rouge said Louisiana would be the first state to adopt the technology.

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