Drone convention provides cool new delivery gadgets

Delivery drone is on its way

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Thousands of professionals showcased the latest technology in robotics and unmanned systems Wednesday at the Morial Convention Center in downtown New Orleans.

The XPONENTIAL 2016 drone convention covered everything about the possibility of drones, especially for everyday tasks, like delivering mail and food.

Inventors like Boris Iskrev of Uvionix have created a high tech way of getting your coffee.

"Our company is developing an instant aerial delivery system where it delivers small items up to one point two ounces," Iskrev said.

It's called NSKY

We're applying directly to vendors. That's one of the keys features for us, we don't need any additional investments to be done or by the vendors or by the customers," Iskrev touts. "The next very interesting thing is that the service will cost only three dollars for delivery for customers and there will be no additional charges for the vendors."

The drone can deliver just about any food item that you want within weight and range. All it takes is a few clicks of an app.

"It's not only food, it can be coffee, it could be a cocktail, could be a burrito, it could be everything. And yes, it's only an app which you have to make your order at and have your product within minutes," Iskrev said.

They hope to have the drone on the market for the first half of 2017.

The drone is just one of things you can check out here at the convention. It runs through Thursday.

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