Drainage projects could help Metairie Road businesses

Drainage projects could help Metairie Road businesses

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Flooding has become part of the routine for the businesses on Metairie Road between Focis and Frisco.

At Nola Boils they've experienced two flooding events in the past two months, and another when water crept dangerously close to their restaurant.

"It comes with the territory, but it's not something we expected to happen, talking to people, I understood it was a risk, but not a risk to happen this much in that short amount of time," Christian Norton, the manager at Nola Boils, said.

Norton would rather be busy behind the counter than mopping up wet floors, but each time it rains he's ready to fight the flood.

"It's risk anytime I look outside and I see it looks like it's gonna rain, I know there's a risk with it. The last flood, it wasn't a real bad storm, it was raining, it wasn't a real bad storm, but still water came in very, very quickly," Norton said.

Now the parish is installing expanded culverts along Focis that should help drain water to Canal Street and ultimately to the 17th Street Canal pumps.

"I can tell you, that councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken and myself are tired of having these issues that have plagued these areas forever. We want to fix the problem, this is unacceptable in our opinions and we want to make sure that we fix this problem because these business owners have stuck with the parish for decades and we want to make sure that they have thriving businesses," Parish President Mike Yenni said.

Yenni said the parish is looking into other options, including expanding drainage near the railroad and even possibly a bigger pumping station at the 17th street canal. But until then the crew at Nola Boils will bear down, because their spot is too good to let float away.

"More people come here just driving by," said Norton. "People just drive by and drive up and everyone sees us, everyone sees us coming down Metairie Road, it's a pain but it's worth it for sure."

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