NOPD chases men with guns from Mother's Day second line

NOPD chases men with guns from Mother's Day second line

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Hundreds of people partake in a Mother's Day tradition, a second line. But just three years after gunmen opened fire, injuring 20, some people this Mother's Day, found themselves in the middle of police activity, again.

It's a day so many families look forward to. The Original Big 7 social aid and pleasure club, parading through the streets to celebrate.

"Since we all grew up in the same neighborhood, we get to see each other and spend some time so it's a real good thing," Tyra Wilson said.

This event was marred by violence three years ago after two brothers opened fire, wounding 20 people. Just this past March, Akein and Shawn Scott were sentenced after pleading guilty to their crimes. One received 40 years in prison, the other, life.

"I'm always worried about my safety out here but either way I know I'm going to have a good time," second line attendee Lacey Joseph, said.

This year, witnesses say police spotted four men, at least two of them armed with guns.

Trenise Cooper explains, "I did see the cops, they were running. They came off the parade and they came this here way and they were trying to get the guys with the guns."

A homeowner who lives near North Robertson and Columbus says one of the men broke into his home, looking to hide. His elderly mother found him and forced him out. We spotted officers searching for the men and eventually, putting one of them in cuffs, and then a squad car.

"Nobody wants any violence here, everybody just wants to be cool and hang out and have a good day," attendee Alycia Ferguson said.

People who saw the commotion are thankful the NOPD found the men before something bad happened.

"This is Mother's Day. Why would you try to come to a parade and shoot when you have people here with their families, their kids and everybody just wants to enjoy their day," Cooper said.

Dewana Gabel adds, "This is a spiritual thing, this is nothing but love, we don't need none of that out here."

The NOPD says two of the four were arrested. Cops say 19 year old Dwine Hardin had a stolen handgun on him. They found 19 year old Melvin Robertson with drugs and a gun.

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