Bonnabel Boat launch opening delayed by 'something' in the water

Bonnabel Boat launch opening delayed by 'something' in the water

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Nearly seven months since it was shuttered the Bonnabel Boat Launch could be nearing a reopening, but there's something in the water that's kept the launch closed.

The launch was initially closed in October so construction crews could make improvements to the slips.

"Upgrading all of the slips, all of the slips needed to be replaced just from years and years of use, it's the same thing we had to do in the city of Kenner when I was mayor out there. Over time, sometimes some of them will even fall off at the tips and you have to go back through erosion and replace all of them," Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni said.

Over the weekend, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's divers spent time surveying the area beneath the surface after the Parks and Recreation department received several complaints that something was dropped in the water.

"Just to make sure all of the pylons are covered in the slips and that there's no debris, we don't want anyone launching their boats and having any problems so they had to wait a little period of time before they could send that diver down," Yenni said.

Parks and Rec director C.J. Gibson said divers found several pieces of debris under the water that could be hazardous to boaters. He wasn't able to confirm where the debris came from, but said at least one pylon was damaged by contractors creating a problem near a slip.

"They had some issues, I know there was some damage that was out there, that the contractor when he was doing the construction and they damaged some sheet pylons and some other infrastructure around the launch and they had to correct that and it took a little longer," Yenni said.

Now Gibson guarantees at least a portion of the launch will be open to boaters within the next two weeks, ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

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