88-year-old woman missing since April, family prays for breakthrough

88-year-old woman missing since April, family prays for breakthrough

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - For days, Estelle Webbs' family members have sat, waited and wondered where the 88-year-old who suffers from emphysema could be.

New Orleans police investigators say Webb was last seen at her house in the 8700 block of Heaton Street in Hollygrove on April 28.

"Whoever she let in her house, she knew them. There's no ifs, ands or buts about that," family member Derise Bailey said. "The neighbor or someone said they saw the car leaving out of the driveway. It's two in the morning and my aunt can't drive at night. Her leaving at two o'clock in the morning draws a red flag."

During the investigation, NOPD detectives named Lovezella Bartholomew, 27, as a person of interest. Bartholomew rented out a room from Webb in the apartment above her home. Police say Bartholomew may be driving Webb's red 2008 Pontiac G5 with the license plate SMA684, and detectives also believe Webb could possibly have been injured or harmed.

"Even if she's not okay, just give us closure. Give us answers of some sort, the when, the where the why. We want answers," Bailey said.

With so many days since her disappearance, Webb's family members worry about her health.

"She has emphysema," Bailey said. "She has a pump. She has a tank [that will not last] very long. So she needs that on a daily basis. Wherever she could be, she could be sick and need medical attention.

"It could be any of us that's having a loved one missing and if it was someone else and they know where they are at, they would want us to call and tell," family member Nadene Thompson said.

The family also said it is unlike Webb to leave the house without her cell phone or her gun. Both were found in her Hollygrove home last week.

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