Workout Wednesday: The Barre Code

Workout Wednesday with Barre Code

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Fitness Instructor Melissa Hunter shares a traditional Barre Code class. Follow the video above with steps below:

Bend & Press – standing in a wide 2nd position/plie – activating quads & hamstrings, in the bend & press motion you are working biceps, triceps & shoulders

Stand up & swim the arms – working the shoulders but activating chest/pectorals as well & lats/rhomboids

Reaching side to side – works the core & obliques as well as shoulders

Hover lunge – you're at the barre for this full body exercise that works your gluts, hamstrings & quads as well as your core/back (those stability muscles) & shoulders for a full-body workout

Perform each exercise for three to four sets of 20. The class runs about 50 minutes.

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