Laketown development could make Kenner a destination

Laketown development could make Kenner a destination

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - A plan to make Laketown a destination is still in the works, but could be a while before work begins on the South Shore location.

The city of Kenner put out a request for proposals to create a commercial attraction near the recreational area and received one idea from a local developer.

"We wanted something that was gonna be an attraction, something that would have condos, shops, stores, possibly an amphitheater and that's what the developer came back in and said we want to do. He wants to partner with the city and the parish about seeing if we can make that development happen," Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni said.

Mike Quigley, the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Kenner, said the developer hasn't had a chance to get started on the project because he's stretched thin on other developments.

"This particular developer has a lot of irons in the fire right now and he's trying to close out some loose ends so he can devote some time to this property," Quigley said. "We're still excited, we think the developer has the wherewithal and the background to do it."

A few separate issues could also create a minor roadblock for the project, including infrastructure needs on the lake side of the levee, as well as sewer concerns for the added capacity.

Whether those issues are solved by the city or developer is still unknown, but the city is confident, the investment could bring a big return.

"We're asking private developers to come on this side of the levee and invest their money. We think it'll be money well spent. I think once this is built, all you got to do is go out to West End, you can't even get a parking spot most of the time, I think this would be the same way, people would be flocking out here, the view might even be better," Quigley said.

Quigley estimated the developer should be able to devote more time to the project within the next six months, but said the city is still open to other developers who might want to tackle the project.

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